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HF "Go Kit" and Winter Field Day 2017

Well, I thought I'd get the HF "Go kit" out, set up and make…

General: Peak Inverse Voltage

What is the peak-inverse-voltage across the rectifier in a half-wave…

General: Station Log Information

What information is traditionally contained in a station log?…

Technician: Amplifier Components

Which of the following electronic components can amplify signals?…

General: Schottky Diodes

Which of the following is an advantage of using a Schottky diode…

Technician: Electric Field

What is the ability to store energy in an electric field called?…

Amateur Extra: Distance From Monitoring Facilities

Within what distance must an amateur station protect an FCC monitoring…

General: Serial Port Connector

Which of the following connectors would be a good choice for…

Technician: Ammeter Current Display

If an ammeter calibrated in amperes is used to measure a 3000-milliampere…