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Sporadic E Propagation

Amateur Extra: Sporadic E Propagation

At what time of year is Sporadic E propagation most likely to…

General: LSB Frequency Range

What frequency range is occupied by a 3 kHz LSB signal when the…

Technician: Coax Lightning Protection

Which of these precautions should be taken when installing devices…

Amateur Extra: Gray Code

What is an advantage of Gray code in digital communications where…

General: Class A Amplifier

Which of the following is a characteristic of a Class A amplifier? A.…

Technician: Uplink Power

Which of the following is a good way to judge whether your uplink…

Amateur Extra: Circular Polarization

What is meant by circularly polarized electromagnetic waves? A.…

General: Quad Antennas

Approximately how long is each side of the reflector element…
Shortwave Radio Dial

Technician: Quick Frequency Access

What is a way to enable quick access to a favorite frequency…