Amateur Extra: JT-65 Encoding

Digital modes are the topic of this week’s Amateur Extra exam question….  [E8C13] What is one advantage of using JT-65 coding? A. Uses only a 65 Hz bandwidth B. The ability to decode signals which have a very low signal to noise ratio C. Easily copied by ear if necessary D. Permits fast-scan TV transmissions … Read more

General: KN

What does it mean when a CW operator sends “KN” at the end of a transmission? A. Listening for novice stations B. Operating full break-in C. Listening only for a specific station or stations D. Closing station now The answer is, C. Listening only for a specific station or stations.  You would use this “word,” … Read more

General: Data Packets

What part of a data packet contains the routing and handling information? A. Directory B. Preamble C. Header D. Footer The answer is C. Header.  When dealing with data “packets”, no matter the type, there has to be a portion of data that contains information regarding what’s to be done with the data inside it.  … Read more

General: USB Frequency Range

What frequency range is occupied by a 3 kHz USB signal with the displayed carrier frequency set to 14.347 MHz? A. 14.347 to 14.647 MHz B. 14.347 to 14.350 MHz C. 14.344 to 14.347 MHz D. 14.3455 to 14.3485 MHz This is really just a question of simple addition, so don’t let all the numbers … Read more