General: Voltmeter Impedance

Why is high input impedance desirable for a voltmeter? [G4B05] A. It improves the frequency response B. It decreases battery consumption in the meter C. It improves the resolution of the readings D. It decreases the loading on circuits being measured Remember that impedance is the property of a circuit that prevents current from moving … Read more

General: Frequency Deviation

What is the frequency deviation for a 12.21 MHz reactance modulated oscillator in a 5 kHz deviation, 146.52MHz FM phone transmitter? [G8B07] A. 101.75 Hz B. 416.7 Hz C. 5 kHz D. 60 kHz Whoa, what?  Guess what, dust off that calculator, because here’s where it starts to get mathy.  This question is also terribly … Read more

General: Code in a PSK31 Signal

Which type of code is used for sending characters in a PSK31 signal? [G8C12] A. Varicode B. Viterbi C. Volumetric D. Binary Alright, here we are again at a real head scratcher.  This is yet another example of something you just “need to know” for the test.  In real life you really wouldn’t use this … Read more