Amateur Extra: Minimum Discernable Signal

Radio Receiver

The Amateur Extra torture question of the week is taken from sub-element 4 (amateur practices) section C (receiver performance) [E4C07] What does the MDS of a receiver represent? A. The meter display sensitivity B. The minimum discernible signal C. The multiplex distortion stability D. The maximum detectable spectrum If you stop to think about the …

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General: NiCd Battery Resistance

NiCd Battery Disassembled

This week’s General Class exam question is from sub-element 6 (Resistors; capacitors; inductors) section B (batteries)… [G6B13] What is an advantage of the low internal resistance of nickel-cadmium batteries? A. Long life B. High discharge current C. High voltage D. Rapid recharge Nickel Cadmium, or NiCd, rechargeable batteries aren’t as popular as they once were, …

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Amateur Extra: N-Type Charge Carriers

Charge Transfer

Extra question of the day is from sub-element 6 (circuit components) section A (n-type semiconductors) [E6A16] What are the majority charge carriers in N-type semiconductor material? A. Holes B. Free electrons C. Free protons D. Free neutrons First, remember what the N-type designator means.  It indicates that the device uses Negatively charged carriers.   Protons and …

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General: Resistance and Temperature

Electrical Components

The General class exam question of the week is from sub-element 6 (circuit components) section A (resistors) [G6A06] What will happen to the resistance if the temperature of a resistor is increased? A. It will change depending on the resistor’s reactance coefficient B. It will stay the same C. It will change depending on the …

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Technician: Station Inspection


The Technician class question for this week is from sub-element 1 section F, essentially “the rules.” [T1F13]  [97.103(c)] When must the station licensee make the station and its records available for FCC inspection? A. At any time ten days after notification by the FCC of such an inspection B. At any time upon request by …

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Amateur Extra: LC Current at Resonance

Transmitter tank inductor

This week’s Amateur Extra question is from sub-element 5 (Electrical Principles) group A (characteristics of resonant circuits) [E5A06] What is the magnitude of the circulating current within the components of a parallel LC circuit at resonance? A. It is at a minimum B. It is at a maximum C. It equals 1 divided by the …

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General: Ionosphere’s Maximum Height

Ionospheric absorption

The General question of the week is from sub-element 3 (propagation) section C (ionospheric layers) [G3C02] Where on the Earth do ionospheric layers reach their maximum height? A. Where the Sun is overhead B. Where the Sun is on the opposite side of the Earth C. Where the Sun is rising D. Where the Sun …

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Amateur Extra: What is a Parametric Amplifier?

Variable Capacitor

Today’s exam question comes from the Amateur Extra exam, Sub-element 7 (Practical Circuits) and Section B, (Amplifiers)…  [E7B20] What is a parametric amplifier? A. A type of bipolar operational amplifier with excellent linearity derived from use of very high voltage on the collector B. A low-noise VHF or UHF amplifier relying on varying reactance for …

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