Lee de Forest: The Father of the Electronic Age

Lee De Forest with Audion tubes. https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Lee_De_Forest_with_Audion_tubes.jpg

Introduction Born in 1873 in Council Bluffs, Iowa, Lee de Forest was an American inventor who is best known for his invention of the Audion tube, the first practical electronic amplifier. His work laid the groundwork for the development of all electronic media. Throughout his career, de Forest patented over 300 inventions, with the Audion … Read more

It’s Time!

Ham Radio Academy

Remember when I said there would be Changes Coming….? Well, It’s time! Over the next couple of weeks the site is going to get an overhaul. A big one. I’ve removed the shop and practice test links from the menu, because, well, they were outdated garbage. I’ll add them back eventually, once I figure out … Read more

Changes Coming….

So uh, yeah. I made this website then walked away from it. Starting early next year, I’m giving this place an overhaul. I mean, stuff is way out of date, the practice tests are messed up, and I haven’t actually written anything in idk even how long. You might notice the “Ham Radio for Smart … Read more