General: Increasing Inductance

This week’s General question comes from the section on circuit components. [G5C14]

Which of the following components should be added to an inductor to increase the inductance?

A. A capacitor in series

B. A resistor in parallel

C. An inductor in parallel

D. An inductor in series

The answer, is D. An inductor in series.  Neither A. A capacitor in series or B. A resistor in parallel will have any effect whatsoever on the inductance.  Adding an inductor in parallel will actually have an inverse effect.  Remember, that parallel inductance is similar to resistance, at least mathematically.

1/L = 1/L_{0} + 1/L_{1} + 1/L_{2} + ... + 1/L_{n}

In series, this becomes:

L = L_{0} + L_{1} + L_{2} + ... + L_{n}

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