General: KN

What does it mean when a CW operator sends “KN” at the end of a transmission?

A. Listening for novice stations
B. Operating full break-in
C. Listening only for a specific station or stations
D. Closing station now

The answer is, C. Listening only for a specific station or stations.  You would use this “word,” which isn’t a word at all, if you are carrying on a QSO with another station or stations and signify that you’re done with your transmission and are awaiting a reply from them.

But why “KN?” Is it an abbreviation for something?  Well, not really.  Much like “CQ” (_._. __._) my theory is that its easily recognized by ear.  _._ _.    If you listen to CW long enough, you’ll start to recognize things like this quite easily… and when you hear it, its your turn!


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