General: QRV

What does the Q signal “QRV” mean? [G2C11]

A. You are sending too fast
B. There is interference on the frequency
C. I am quitting for the day
D. I am ready to receive messages

Q-codes are one of those things you just have to memorize. There’s no good way around it.  I keep a list posted near my station, because there’s no way to remember all of them.  There are several that are used often, and this isn’t really one of them. Unless you’re really into CW and digital modes, you probably wouldn’t even think to use it at all.

So, the Q signal QRV means D. I am ready to receive messages.  You can also add a “?” to the message, to turn it into the question: “Are you ready to receive messages?” That might actually get used more….

I’ve put a list of Q-codes in the Resources section of the website for your reference.

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