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This mini course will be included with all three Amateur Radio License courses here at Ham Radio Academy.   It’s a moving work-in-progress, and will evolve with user reviews and comments.

It’s also a preview of what to expect from the main Ham Radio License courses!

This course covers:

  • Electrical Safety
  • Antenna Safety
  • RF Safety
  • Exam questions from all three license exams.

I cover the content from all three exams in this one module, because it is ALL useful information to know regardless of which license you’re currently studying for.  If you’re just starting with your Technician class, it serves as a great intro to not only the questions on that exam, but a preview of what’s to come.  You folks upgrading to General or Amateur Extra can simply use this info as a review and reference, in addition to the material that’s on the exam you’re studying for.

[Note: It really is a work in progress at this point, text may be missing or just placeholders, and exam questions are still coming for the General and Amateur Extra portions…  so bear with me!  If you are enrolled in the class I will be e-mailing you with updates as they happen.]


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