Technician: Q Signal for interference?

Q Signals

This week’s Tech question comes from sub-element 2 (Operating Procedures,) group B (Q signals) [T2B10] Which Q signal indicates that you are receiving interference from other stations? A. QRMB. QRNC. QTHD. QSB There’s really no good way to understand what the Q signals mean except to memorize them.  I know, I know, it goes against …

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Technician: Station Inspection


The Technician class question for this week is from sub-element 1 section F, essentially “the rules.” [T1F13]  [97.103(c)] When must the station licensee make the station and its records available for FCC inspection? A. At any time ten days after notification by the FCC of such an inspection B. At any time upon request by …

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Technician: Electromotive Force

Millivolt Meter

This week’s Tech question is from sub-element 5 (Electrical Principles) group A (units) [T5A11] What is the basic unit of electromotive force? A. The volt B. The watt C. The ampere D. The ohm This is one of the fundamental concepts when dealing with electricity, and therefore radio.  The standard units that we use to …

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