Technician: Controlling Voltage in a Circuit

This week’s Technician question is another one where we can apply a little logic and the process of elimination…. [T6D05]


What type of circuit controls the amount of voltage from a power supply?

A. Regulator

B. Oscillator

C. Filter

D. Phase inverter

Well, first off lets just stop and think for a minute.  Control, control, control… what’s a synonym for control? Regulate! So, of course, the correct answer is A. Regulator.  But let’s look at the other options and see what they do.

An Oscillator doesn’t really control the amount of voltage from a power supply, rather it is responsible for shaping the waveform of the AC.  A Filter merely prevents or allows certain frequencies of electricity to pass through.  A Phase Inverter does exactly what you’d expect, it inverts the waveform of the power, so that instead of a high peak, you’d get a low peak, or vice versa.

Yet another example of a question that isn’t difficult at all, if you just slow down and think about it!

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