Technician: Definition of Telecommand

Technician: Definition of Telecommand

What is the FCC Part 97 definition of telecommand? [T1A13]

A. An instruction bulletin issued by the FCC
B. A one-way radio transmission of measurements at a distance from the measuring instrument
C. A one-way transmission to initiate, modify or terminate functions of a device at a distance
D. An instruction from a VEC

The definition of a telecommand is set in FCC Part 97, specifically 97.3(a)(45)…

(45) Telecommand station. An amateur station that transmits communications to initiate, modify or terminate functions of a space station.

This is one of those “its the rules” questions, but the answer makes perfect sense if you think about it.  A and D are patently false.  B is the definition telemetry, not telecommand….  And if you think about C. if you are initiating, modifying, or terminating the functions of a device, you are giving it a command, or, a telecommand.  The rule specifies a “space station” but in general terms, the result is the same regardless of the end receiving the command.

The device pictured, just an average radio remote control for a car or airplane, would be a very basic example of a device that is issuing a “radio telecommand” to another device.

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