Technician: Electrical Current in the Body

How does current flowing through the body cause a health hazard [T0A02]

A. By heating tissue
B. It disrupts the electrical functions of cells
C. It causes involuntary muscle contractions
D. All of these choices are correct

Lets run down the possible answers, and see what we come up with….

A. By heating tissue.  Your body has a native resistance value to it.  Since you’re basically made of water and other stuff, its actually pretty low, but current flowing in your body will generate heat.  Higher current == higher temperatures.  Not cool.

B. It disrupts the electrical functions of cells.  True. Combined with the heating effect cells can be permanently damaged.  Nerve cells which rely on electrical impulses, are especially vulnerable.

C. It causes involuntary muscle contractions.  Also true.  See answer B.  Those nerve cells can interpret that electricity as instructions, and that can cause involuntary contractions.  This is why you NEVER try to grab somebody who is being electrocuted and cannot let go of what is causing it…  you will likely be unable to let go as well.

Since these are all correct, the correct answer is, of course, D!

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