Technician: Q Signal for interference?

Q Signals

Technician: Q Signal for interference?

This week’s Tech question comes from sub-element 2 (Operating Procedures,) group B (Q signals) [T2B10]

Which Q signal indicates that you are receiving interference from other stations?


There’s really no good way to understand what the Q signals mean except to memorize them.  I know, I know, it goes against what we teach here at HRA but I don’t think there’s much logic behind them.

The answer is A) QRM.  It might help to remember the “RM” part as “Receiving a Mess” or something.  QRN means “The atmospherics are strong.”  QTH is your station’s location.  (You should remeber this one, as its used quite often.)  QSB is used slightly less, and means “your signal is fading.”

Of course any Q code can be turned into a question by adding the ? after it.  So, for example, QSB? becomes “is my signal fading?”

A complete list of Q-Codes can be found here, in the Ham Radio Academy Resources section.

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