Technician: Tower Safety

The Technician class question of the week is from Section 0 (Safety.)  The answer to this question should be obvious, but we’ll go over it nonetheless. [T0B01]

When should members of a tower work team wear a hard hat and safety glasses?

A. At all times except when climbing the tower

B. At all times except when belted firmly to the tower

C. At all times when any work is being done on the tower

D. Only when the tower exceeds 30 feet in height

The correct answer, of course, is C. ALWAYS wear your safety glasses and hard hat while working on or around towers.  If you’re on the tower, you don’t want something in your eye or smacking you on the head to injure you, and possibly cause you to fall.  If you’re on the ground, you never know what might happen.  The climber may lose a tool, or a bolt or screw, and if you’re looking straight up at them….  And you never know when that antenna could come crashing down.

ALWAYS wear your safety gear.  Always.

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