Amateur Extra: EME Communications

Which of the following digital modes is especially useful for EME communications? [E2D03]

A. FSK441
C. Olivia
D. JT65

Due to the time it takes for signals to get to the moon and back, (EME = Earth-Moon-Earth) we need a mode that is highly dependent on time synchronization.  This way everyone knows when to transmit, and when to listen. D. JT65 is just that mode.

JT65 is a highly structured digital mode that requires the operator’s station computer to be synchronized to the world time servers.  Communications are then alternated at 60 second intervals, 47 seconds transmit, with 13 seconds for decoding.  Transmissions are limited to 12 characters, and the QSO follows a strict format of exchanges.

All of the other modes might be capable of making the EME trip, but all are independent of any external reference that makes them a reliable option.


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