Technician: Circuit Types

Series Circuit

In which type of circuit is current the same through all components? A. SeriesB. ParallelC. ResonantD. Branch The answer here is A. Series.  The reason why is pretty straight forward.  If you line up a series (ha!) of components in a straight line, the output of each going into the input of the next, then …

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Technician: Uplink Power

Uplink Power

Which of the following is a good way to judge whether your uplink power is neither too low nor too high? A. Check your signal strength report in the telemetry data B. Listen for distortion on your downlink signal C. Your signal strength on the downlink should be about the same as the beacon D. …

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Technician: Definition of Capacitor

Parallel plate capacitor

What type of electrical component consists of two or more conductive surfaces separated by an insulator?* A. ResistorB. PotentiometerC. OscillatorD. Capacitor [T6A05] Well, I guess I gave it away in the post title.  Yes, the answer is D. Capacitor.  But what exactly is going on here? A capacitor is a device that has the “capacity” …

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Technician: Amplifier Components

Amplifier Components

Which of the following electronic components can amplify signals? [T6B05] A. Transistor B. Variable resistor C. Electrolytic capacitor D. Multi-cell battery The answer is, as luck would have it, A. Transistor.  The transistor is probably the miracle of 20th century technology.  It’s an amplifier, a switch, and so much more. None of the other components …

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Technician: Electric Field

Capacitance Meter

What is the ability to store energy in an electric field called? [T5C01] A. Inductance B. Resistance C. Tolerance D. Capacitance Hate to say it, but this is basically a definition question.  The answer is D. Capacitance.  The easy way to remember this is just think about capacitors, the devices that actually store the electric …

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Technician: Ammeter Current Display

Ammeter Current Display

If an ammeter calibrated in amperes is used to measure a 3000-milliampere current, what reading would it show? [T5B06] A. 0.003 amperes B. 0.3 amperes C. 3 amperes D. 3,000,000 amperes Don’t panic! This is a simple question about unit conversions, nothing more. Remember your definitions of metric prefixes.  Milli means one one-thousandth, or 0.001.  …

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