Connecting an Ammeter in a Circuit

How is a simple ammeter connected to a circuit?

A. In series with the circuit
B. In parallel with the circuit
C. In quadrature with the circuit
D. In phase with the circuit

This is a really easy question, if you’ve ever used an ammeter before, that is. If you haven’t how are you supposed to know, right?

So lets imagine that our electrical circuit is actually made of pipes with water flowing in them. If you wanted to measure how much water was flowing through a pipe, you’d have to cut it open and put a meter in-line, or “in series” with the cut sections, right?

If you put a meter “across” the pipe or “in parallel” you wouldn’t see anything.

Electricity works in more or less the same way. To measure the current flowing through a circuit, or a wire, you have to disconnect the wire, and put the ammeter “in series.”

Therefore the answer is: A. In series with the circuit.


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