General: NiCd Battery Resistance

NiCd Battery Disassembled

This week’s General Class exam question is from sub-element 6 (Resistors; capacitors; inductors) section B (batteries)… [G6B13] What is an advantage of the low internal resistance of nickel-cadmium batteries? A. Long life B. High discharge current C. High voltage D. Rapid recharge Nickel Cadmium, or NiCd, rechargeable batteries aren’t as popular as they once were, … Read more

General: Resistance and Temperature

Electrical Components

The General class exam question of the week is from sub-element 6 (circuit components) section A (resistors) [G6A06] What will happen to the resistance if the temperature of a resistor is increased? A. It will change depending on the resistor’s reactance coefficient B. It will stay the same C. It will change depending on the … Read more