Amateur Extra: Network Impedance

Polar coordinates

The Amateur Extra class question of the week comes from sub-element 5 (electrical principles) section C (polar coordinates) [E5C06] In polar coordinates, what is the impedance of a network consisting of a 100-ohm-reactance capacitor in series with a 100-ohm resistor? A. 121 ohms at an angle of -25 degrees B. 191 ohms at an angle …

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General: Units of Impedance

Complex Impedance

This week’s General Class question comes from sub-element 5 (Electrical Principles) group A (impedance) [G5A10] What unit is used to measure impedance? A. Volt B. Ohm C. Ampere D. Watt Impedance is the measure of opposition to current flow in a circuit when an AC voltage is applied.  With that in mind, we can automatically …

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