Changes Coming….

So uh, yeah. I made this website then walked away from it.

Starting early next year, I’m giving this place an overhaul. I mean, stuff is way out of date, the practice tests are messed up, and I haven’t actually written anything in idk even how long.

You might notice the “Ham Radio for Smart People” tag line. That’s the direction I’m gonna go. It really makes me sad when I see people pass the exams, all the way up to extra, and really not understand what they’re doing. Why?

Because they just memorized the answers, and that’s all. We’re gonna get all hands on with the tech, theory, rules, on-air, etc. and that.

Plus I just moved, and have to re-setup my station and antennas and stuff, and it seems like documenting this and explaining what I’m doing and why would be a really good addition to the site.

So sit tight and hang on. It’s coming.

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