General: S-Meter

This time our General question is about, well, s-meters! [G4D06] Where is an S meter found? A. In a receiver B. In an SWR bridge C. In a transmitter D. In a conductance bridge The answer is, A. In a receiver.  Now, in most modern transceivers, the receiver and transmitter are packaged in the same …

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General: Generator Safety


This weeks’ General question is from sub-element zero (Electrical Safety) section B (Safety in the Shack) [G0B13] What must you do when powering your house from an emergency generator? A. Disconnect the incoming utility power feed B. Insure that the generator is not grounded C. Insure that all lightning grounds are disconnected D. All of …

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General: NiCd Battery Resistance

NiCd Battery Disassembled

This week’s General Class exam question is from sub-element 6 (Resistors; capacitors; inductors) section B (batteries)… [G6B13] What is an advantage of the low internal resistance of nickel-cadmium batteries? A. Long life B. High discharge current C. High voltage D. Rapid recharge Nickel Cadmium, or NiCd, rechargeable batteries aren’t as popular as they once were, …

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Amateur Extra: N-Type Charge Carriers

Charge Transfer

Extra question of the day is from sub-element 6 (circuit components) section A (n-type semiconductors) [E6A16] What are the majority charge carriers in N-type semiconductor material? A. Holes B. Free electrons C. Free protons D. Free neutrons First, remember what the N-type designator means.  It indicates that the device uses Negatively charged carriers.   Protons and …

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